Youtube disables the dislike count, both users and creators revolt


Jul 13, 2014
I don't use dislikes on any of my forums. They seem a little provocative plus I prefer members to vocalize criticisms. As a site user I generally prefer (star) ratings to likes/dislikes.

I do use YouTube a lot and if I'm honest I very rarely notice the like/dislike ratio. That said removing 50% of the voting options seems pointless. It's not as if each vote is personalized so where's the harassment :unsure:
I'm the same way. I do not notice the like/dislike ratio. I mostly watch on my Apple TV or LG TV which is why but even when I am on my desktop, phone, or iPad, I just ignore it.
So they're not actually removing the option to vote, only the ratio. So only the creator can see the downvotes.

As an extreme example, youtube rewind 2018, on the new system you'll have the ability to like and dislike, but all a visitor will see is that is has 3M likes.
They won't be able to see that it also has 19M dislikes due to being the worst rewind ever and one of the most out of touch original pieces of content to come from the official YouTube team.

You can still dislike a video, but the signal means nothing to the rest of the community anymore as they can't see it. All they'll see is an ever increasing like number with no dislike value to give it perspective, which is really important in video styles such as tutorials where the information may be poor or outdated and the signal can then indicate the user should look for another solution.
This is probably the reason why they did it.

Honestly, if they just did away with the like/dislike ratio in general it would be better than it is now. The dislike button just gives creators anxiety from what I've seen. They should use a star system like zappa said or comments.


Mar 20, 2012
people will dislike a video simply because of the content or because of the creator, often without ever having watched the video
That's the solution to the problem... definitely, they should both keep likes and dislikes, but allow them into the count only if at least 80% of video is watched. That's so easy to calculate I guess.