Your Big Board's Skin Design for Added Revenue


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Jan 1, 2004
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Your Big Board's Skin Design for Added Revenue

Your forum is considered large. The traffic keeps growing. The need for additional server space increases and you wonder where you are going to gain the revenue to keep your site up and functioning. And you may wonder if its possible to make additional revenue to pay your staff, pay yourself and increase the financial stability of your big board forum.

Your Forum Presence

Up until now you may have been fine with your the look of your forum's skin. Its basic. Its working. It's simple. You installed it out of the box with a quick change in the logo and a change in buttons. Why change a winning skin?

Its simple. A winning skin can be even more winning with a tweak in design. It need not take thousands of dollars. It need not take hours upon hours of creative agony. It does take planning and following through.

Professional Appeal

There is much written about dressing for success. College students are taught to dress appropriately when going for an interview. Tweaking resumes with nicer paper quality and a more upscale font is a simple way to increase the appeal of a resume.

The same can be said for a forum.

Yes, it is fine if you don't intend for your forum to be more than it is. But if you are ready to take your forum to the next level with income, the means to the end is to upgrade your skin to make the seriousness of your endeavor evident.

This is not to suggest taking your Harry Potter forum and removing the appeal of the dark background and the themed forum titles. This is not a suggestion to remove the anime characters from your anime forum.

This is a suggestion to upscale your forum skin to appeal to your forum community while you increase your appeal to advertisers.

Placement for Advertisements

Does your forum skin have a place for a leaderboard ad (728 x 90) above the fold in a way that integrates into the design? Do you also have room for a rectangle/box (300 x 250) above the fold with a skyscraper (60 x 160) close below it?

Most large agencies view website properties from the viewpoint of placement. If an agency finds your site and is interested in advertising placement but can not find a place for above the fold advertisements, the loss of revenue isn't small change. Its huge. You are missing out without a skin change.

Most large agencies want to see advertisement placements in the first 1000 pixels of a screen. Without adequate thought to those placements and making a skin design to integrate with the ads,...

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