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The Sandman

Jan 1, 2004
The Sandman submitted a new Article:

Xenon Reloaded

Stefan Kaeser, AKA Xenon (vBulletin.org Administrator), did an interview with us a while back (Interview with Xenon). I thought it would be nice to update that interview with some fresh questions...


Tell us your thoughts on vB 3.5:

What do you think of it compared to earlier versions?

Personally, I am divided. The Plugin system is a very good addition, and the code has been optimized quite a bit in many areas. But I also see a negative aspect - To me it seems like there is too much OOP in the new version, which wasn't really needed right now, and instead of helping it makes things more confusing than they need to be. That may change in the future (AFAIK there are some plans afoot at Jelsoft) but for now I don't think that was really necessary.

Same with the AJAX features - they are nice, yes - but I think it makes things too complicated. But of course that's just my personal POV, and I am a purist, so others might think that these things I've mentioned are the best additions of all... ;)

How has the plugin system changed things for forum administrators? Are they adding too many hacks now that it's so easy?

Well, I wouldn't say too many hacks now that it's so easy... There were always some Admins who installed too many hacks and I don't think there are too many more now. The plugin system makes it easier to test a mod for a few days and to remove it completely if it doesn't work out as expected.

But there is also a great disadvantage now. Plugins can overlap and interfere with each other, and an admin wouldn't notice, or at least not easily. In the past that was easy to see - when one code modification touches the same section of a file as another modification, you have to be very careful. Now most admins aren't that careful anymore.

How has the plugin system changed things for vBulletin hackers?

Actually I think it's mostly the release process that has changed. It's easier to release a hack now, as most of the time you don't have to write install instructions. You just write it for yourself, then export it and voila. That makes things a lot easier for us hackers, as the support questions like "how do I install this" are gone as well, but on the other hand there are more "newbies" who install a hack, so more normal support questions come up.

Is there anything you'd like to see changed or...
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May 3, 2004
Great interview, I agree 110% with the Plugins and AJAX features. I really hope to see Jelsoft do something with optimizing the plugin system some more. Love the title. :p


Aug 6, 2011
Impressive interview. Every question is answered very smartly & clearly. Both interviewer & interviewee are smart & intelligent. Thanks for posting this.


Mar 12, 2009
Kinda nice to go back and look at the track record of promises for things at the .org that have never materialized and are still promised occasionally to this day.