Xenforo must have Addons.


Dec 6, 2012
Below follows the universal answer to any "must have" / "essential" add-on/plugin thread for any script.
Feel free to copy/paste as a reply to future threads.

3 Steps To The "Must Have" or "Essential" Add-ons/Plugins For Your Script:
  1. Navigate to the add-on/plugin directory for chosen script.
  2. Sort by # of downloads, highest to lowest.
  3. While ensuring version compatibility, begin installing until the quantity of add-ons/plugins equals the quantity of empty, unused sub-forums.
  • Optional: When your script breaks, post a support thread and await instructions to disable addons/plugins to fix the issue.
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Feb 20, 2007
We are only holding onto Taptatalk for a few long term members. It works fine, but the lack of advertising options, and customisation of ad placement annoys me. To the point where we don't display advertising on TT.

Compared to just viewing the site on mobile, most of the staff believe TT is not worth the time, effort or cost. A few people love it, so to me, it's worth it. For now.

We are going to implement a push notification service to try and counter it, as that seems to be the biggest thing keeping those on TT.

Turn off new registrations via Tapatalk. Over time normal forum attrition will reduce the few who use it until you can justify removing it.


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Apr 27, 2005
Post schedule would be great to have. I love this on all my wordpress websites, since I can create content beforehand and have it posted when I'm sleeping or away. On the forums, creating some threads is the best way to initiate activity, but I can only post in 'bursts' instead of scheduling 3-4 new threads/day.