Write an Article on TAZ [Guidelines Enclosed] - READ FIRST

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Feb 2, 2017
Article Guidelines

Interested in writing an article for the TAZ community? Please read through the following guidelines and ensure that you follow them.

  1. The content of the article must be original content. If you are posting it, you have to have written it.
  2. You are allowed to source bits of information from external sources, but you are required to properly credit the information.
  3. Keep the title of your article relevant to the topic. It makes it easier for members to identify the article without having to read a large portion of the content.
  4. If you are writing a tutorial or article with code (ex; PHP, HTML, CSS etc..), please use the appropriate BBCode.
  5. Please format your article properly. Separate topics and sub-topics into different paragraphs with appropriate bolded headings.
  6. Keep article topics related to the general subject matter of the community.
    1. Managing a Community / Members
    2. Forum Software (Tutorials and How-tos, or Reviews)
    3. Running a Forum or Getting Started
    4. Server Management - Software, Hardware and Security
    5. Web Hosting and Domain Providers - Reviews, Experiences and Tutorials
  7. Please ensure that you spelling and grammar check your submission before submitting.
  8. Also know that you are not permitted to write an article specifically for the purpose of promoting your product or service.

Note: All articles are moderated by the Article Team, understand that TAZ reserves the right to reject any submission without reason. Also, please be patient while the team reviews your article, private messaging a team member will not speed up this process.

If you have any questions in-regards to these guidelines, please PM a representative of the Article Team.
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