Window Tint


I'm In My Prime
Jan 28, 2010
been doing vinyl decals for almost 10 years , done entire teams football helments, a hundred cars, store fronts, even firearms you name it

so my son an I have been restoring a pickup for him he is 15 and will be driving it at 15 1/2

every vehicle ive ever owned the first thing i did was have the windows tinted professionally

i think im up for the task ive watched a few you tube videos so im really feeeling like im at expert level and have not even bought the tint yet lol

any pointers?

here is his truck ....



Dec 6, 2012
Worth a shot. Be sure to get good quality material that wont fade, turn purple or bubble.

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Jan 6, 2004
When you apply it take your time and make sure you get it down flat and get all the air out. It's pretty hard to mess it up as long as you have common sense. If you do screw up it is a pain in the ass to get it back off. IME the rear windshield is going to cause you the most trouble.

Also, check your state laws first so you don't turn the thing into a cop magnet. For example, in my state you can't tint the front windshield at all but when I was in Florida you could make it as black as you wanted (Florida doesn't do yearly inspections, you can get away with murder).