Why is it so insanely difficult to find good developers on xenforo.com ?


Mar 28, 2016
There isn't really much/anything they could do, they have no control over the warez sites ;)
But they can shoot their admins out immediately (knowing them is sometimes easy. for example, once my add-on was downloaded just 1 time. for hours :LOL: maybe because of sharing in bad time :ROFLMAO::p and a few minute after sharing it on xf and getting 1 download, a warez site uploaded my add-on! another sign is that they usually buy add-ons and ask for discount while buying and when they buy, they ask for refund :D most of the times their English is also weak :whistle: like me?:sleep:)

I think i said it once, but let me say it again. Once it happened to me. and with just 1 message Both Sellfy and Paypal blocked that guy. But I had a long discussion (ticket) with xf's staffs for days. And I don't know what finally is done :cautious:

anyway, all these things have just one goal: having better XF. nothing else. we all know it.