Why I moved over to a paid forum platform, and why I’m glad I did!


Feb 2, 2005
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Why I moved over to a paid forum platform, and why I’m glad I did!

Why I moved over to a paid forum platform
and why I’m glad I did!

We often get people on TAZ looking to upgrade forum software for various reasons and I too, first came on TAZ looking for advice and opinion on the matter. I hope this article will give people in a similar position an insight into why others move/d over to a paid solution and why they, like me, are so glad they did :)

Just a quick note to say this article isn’t about slating any other forum software, free, paid for or otherwise, I’m actually glad there are lots of choices out there (it’d be pretty boring if there wasn’t) and a lot of the time it will boil down to just that, personal choice. Some people want a free solution no matter what, some people want unrivalled support and security and some people simply want what they're used to i.e. the same software as their favourite forum!

Here’s how it was with me…

What pushed me to do it?

Before moving over to a paid solution, I ran phpbb on my site – for those not familiar with phpbb it is a free open-source platform. I was completely happy with it at that stage in my sites ‘life’, however my host upgraded to php5 and I began to run into problems, there were a few minor ones but one major problem was that I could not create any moderators! :yikes: I tried to get my host to change back to the old version of php, but I was told they couldn’t as they had to do what’s best for the majority of their users, I was unable to move hosts because I was tied into a contract.

So I posted on the phpbb support forums begging them to release a fix… but my thread was locked and told that php5 is not supported in the current version :yikes: I didn’t feel very valued as a user at this point but understood that it was a ‘free’ package so I couldn’t expect too much. I read/was told to wait for the release of phpbb2 which would work with php5… so I waited… and waited, and waited!! It felt like it was never going to come and so months after being told to wait and after many ‘apologies for the delay’ announcements, I decided to search for an alternative paid solution as I felt that none of the free ones would be able to offer the support and compatibly that I needed and wanted.

My search for a Paid solution

I found myself at TAZ looking for all the info I could get and stumbled...

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