Why Forums Tend To Die!

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Jul 20, 2011
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Why Forums Tend To Die!

Why Forums Tend To Die!

It is likely that everyday a new forum is created whether it's done by new complete new forum owner or an existing forum owner who wishes to have another forum. I can chuckle a bit to say that in my experience, I myself tend to create a new forum each week. At times, I create a new forum just for experimental purposes. I will create a forum and use certain tactics on management and promotion to see if they work. I do this to better my knowledge on forum communities and how to make them actually turn into active communities. Plus it gives me more information to put in these articles that I enjoy writing for you all to read and enjoy yourselves.

So why do forums tend to die off? That is a really good question! There could be multiple answers from any given experience forum owner. However, there is really only one answer that hovers around all the other answers and excuses on why a forum goes inactive. Activity! It' plain and simple, period, ACTIVITY!

A forum dies off because the owner no longer wants to run it. It could be blamed on finance but forum owners should know from the start that eventually, it will cost a bit to properly maintain a forum and keep it open and active. The actual reason that forums close down is because people lose interest in them and usually it's the owner who initiates this. A community requires an active forum owner to help keep others active by bringing in new content and discussions and getting more people to join the forum. If the forum owner suddenly quits posting and visits less, then the community will follow. Remember, people will follow the leader. If the leader is inactive, the people will be inactive. If the leader is active and contributes, the people will likely want to be active as well.

Avoiding It!

If you are serious about being a forum owner and would like to have an active forum, you need to understand that it will take work and a lot of hard work at that. If you expect the forum to become extremely popular overnight, you will most likely be disappointed. You will have to make your forum active yourself at first for the most part. Eventually, once your forum does get active, your required activity will start to slow down but if you slow down too much, it is likely your forum will also slow down as well. A forum is in need of constant attention! Pick a niche (aka topic) that you enjoy and will never get sick of and then embrace that niche as your forum's topic and work at making the...

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Jan 16, 2010
Nice article, although it does seem a tad self explanatory. Still, could be nice for those people who give up too easily or think that their forum not immediately succeeding means it's a complete failure.