Whistle Stopper - July 1, 2004


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Jan 1, 2004
Whistle Stopper Political Forums ([url]www.whistlestopper.com)[/url] is a community dedicated to the civil discussion of U.S. and international news and politics.

Its most popular forum is the US. forum along with the 2004 Elections subforum with discussions ranging from Bush and Kerry to Supreme Court rulings to foreign relations to economic policy. The International and Middle East forums are also abuzz with activity. The international forum contains topics with a broader scope, while the Middle East continues to be a host spot for discussions on Israel & Palestine. If you're ready to debate, there's always a hot discussion going on.

Though a bit less popular, our Religion and Society forums are no less intense. History buffs love the History forum, and of course the general chat forum is a great place to just relax and put your guard down after engaging in the debates.

Launched in September 28, 2003, the Whistle Stopper forums enjoy the benefit of vBulletin 3 software with a customized vBindex for the main page. Restrict Style Changes To Specific Usergroups, Refer Friend, Reported Posts create a new thread in specified forum are special customizations added to the software.

Currently with 2,051 members 80% from the US, 8% from the UK, 5% Canada, Asia/Australia 4%, and the rest of Europe 3% with men outnumbering the women 75% to 25%, the Whistle Stopper forums enjoys a steady growth of new registrations.

The average age of the members is higher than for many typical forums. While Whistle Stopper forums have their share of teens, they are a relative minority. "It's fascinating discussing historical policies with men and women who actually lived through and shaped the events. We have members who lived through WWII and the Great Depression, members who voted for Kennedy, Truman, Nixon, members who fought in Korea or Vietnam, etc." says Whistlestopper Forums Administrator.

Whistle Stopper Political Forums also provides formal debates within their community. "We recruit two opposing teams, a group of judges, and an “MC” and hold a week long contest. It's semi-official: we provide special forums for the contestants to prepare and we supervise where possible, but we let the members have as much control as possible."

The administrator manages the community with the help of 6 moderators and 9 community guides. Community Guides have some moderator abilities in a few forums each, but their real strengths are as mentors and liaisons. They help keep threads on track, they find and address trouble spots, interact with members, answer questions, set a strong example and they are active in our overall decision making process.

The primary means of generating revenue are by soliciting donations. They are actually subscriptions, be are referred to as donations on the site. Donors receive a pretty standard package of benefits: larger PM box, larger avatar, ad free skin, custom user title (available to others after 600 posts), a “Supporting Member” graphic, and that warm feeling they get from supporting their community.

"We generate additional revenue via advertising. By far the most successful method has been for us to recruit advertisers directly. Our experiments with CJ and other affiliate networks has brought in very little revenue. Google has been mildly successful, but we do not generate revenue at the levels of many non forum sites with similar traffic levels." commented the site's administrator.

"I credit much of our growth to our fair moderation and our dedication to civil discourse. Our staff works extremely hard, and I could not have asked for a more fair minded, hard working and dedicated group of people. The staff contains members from across the ideological spectrum, and we work extremely well together as a team."

The site's administrator is a 32 year old marketer/writer/IT professional. "I did my undergraduate work in marketing and English and graduate work in computer science. I've essentially had multiple careers, starting out as a writer for a public relations & advertising agency before transitioning over to marketing. After working in the dot com industry, I transitioned once again to web development/programming. I currently have brought my varied background together as a freelancer."

"I spend much time in our private moderator forums, of which there are six. Moderating a political forum is hard work. By definition, many of our threads are controversial. There is often a fine line between vigorous debate and rules violations, and we spend a good deal of time making sure our members stay on the right side of that line. I am in constant communication with the moderating team and at any given time I am probably engaged in several conversations with members."

The Admin Zone congrats Rooshine and his community: Whistle Stopper Political Forums. May your discussions be challenging and the debates continue!


Feb 6, 2004
Rooshine, you've got a great community there. I might have to suggest it to some of our members, who hang out too much in our "Current Events" forum fighting it out :)


Apr 9, 2004
I've been away at vacation for the last week or so, and it's nice to come home to the Featured Forums article!

Thank you Kathy and the staff for featuring WS, and thanks FORT for the nice words.