Where should I start?

Shawn Gossman

Tazmanian Master
Dec 16, 2005
So here is the deal. I've created a brand with my YouTube channel. It is a local thing and I'm getting recognized a lot out in public. With the brand and the popularity. I'm wanting to develop a social network for my niche (hiking/backpacking) with a full mobile app support.

So when it comes to the "learning the code" part, I don't need help with that. That is my responsibility and I'm sure it will be a fun adventure to take.

I'm mainly looking for ideas of what programming languages to use and what tools out there will make like easier. Should I make the core network (what people will visit with their desktop) as php/mysql? Or something else? I want to easily be able to develop iOS, Droid and possibly Windows mobile apps integrated from the network. What tools are best for a Windows user to do that without getting multiple operating systems and computers?

Any help, tips and ideas would be appreciated. I eventually want to monetize from this. Offer a large free base for the most part but a premium suite for a small fee.


an oddity
Apr 30, 2018
I can recommend you to take a look at Racket. I promise it will pay off.
Jan 6, 2004
You have a lot of options and you'll get a different opinion from everyone. I would suggest staying away from doing it all in javascript on the server side but you could make it work that way of course. I personally like Python on the server side these days. You could go with php/MySQL too if you really wanted to. I suggest just using whatever you're the most comfortable with.

Try not to fall into the trap of using the framework of the week. Those come and go so quickly and it's hard to migrate between them. You shouldn't need a full fledged framework for this. Stick to the standard library and make your own functions when needed. It'll make it easier to migrate to something else should the need ever arise.


Jul 10, 2012
WordPress with WooCommerce would be the best choice for selling products. It had some security problems in the past but it's up to you that how you make your website secure using strong code and security plugins. It has very easy to use admin panel/user interface and there are lots of WooCommerce themes which are avaialable for free. There are thousands of plugins available free to add any kind of features on your website. So I would recommend WordPress & WooCommerce.