What happens if a customize mybb theme and there is a new update?


Aug 29, 2019
My question is, let's assume I customize and install the current version of mybb software and then subsequently a new version springs up. Would I need need to re customize the new version before installing it or I could just install with the the previous customization automatically effected on the new version?


Jun 23, 2016
I had a lot of troubles back in the time when i used MyBB.

Bought a theme -> MyBB Update -> Breaks theme -> Wait the developer to release a new theme version -> MyBB Update -> Start again.

For a common folk like me, it's impossible to live with this, so, i moved to another platform. But if you understand the language, can program/code your theme, you can do fine.

May 20, 2010
Sidexjay Yes, depending on the type of update from the software. Lets say you have myBB 1.8.6 for example. You build/purchase a theme and make some edits of your own. Then myBB release an update, 1.8.7. Nothing should happen to your forum because the update is simple hot fixes.

Now if they release 1.9.) for example, and you theme was designed for 1.8. Then yes, you forum will break. Now, it may only be a few small issues or a lot.

My suggestion to you, is don't worry too much about it man. Build you website the way you want and simply don't update just because the newer version is out. There isn't any reason to, unless there is a major security issue. Do what you want for your site. Your users wont judge you because your not on the latest software version.

* Your content whats most important!