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Jun 6, 2006
One more thing about vBSEO.
It has a Linkbacks/Trackbacks/Pingbacks feature.
It also automatically gets the title of the page of a url in a certain post.
Of doubtful utility.

You can have this feature for free with Title Replace: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=155909

Indeed, any useful feature of vBSEO is available in a few free add-ons from vbulletin.org.
Umm, doubtful to you maybe, but it has been getting my forum more visitors.
See also http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=341630#post341630

Okay this is no joke, but yesterday, I named my unborn community Riftrarif.
Within 7 minutes, a google result leading to http://fhq.forumer.com/general-chat-area/77109-i-need-name-2.html
turned up.
Well, as if I care anymore, I don't even have vB.
Well, I'll just forget it, and go and Watch Om Shanti Om.

How can you be running vBSEO if you don't have vBulletin?
When did I say, I use vBulletin?
If you check out my profile, it says I use phpBB.
EDIT- How is Zoints SEO?
I noticed TAZ uses that?
1. You're posting in a thread titled "vBSEO Discussions".
2. See quotes and the link above where you claimed benefits from using vBSEO.

Zoints SEO is also for vBulletin so it's not going to help you with a phpBB forum.


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Jan 24, 2008


Ex-TAZ user
Jan 24, 2008
And you know this how?
Go to Zoints.com and see for yourself.
aimg.zoints.com_z_icons_yellowi_blue.pngStay Informed

If you use forum software that is not listed above, please provide us with the following information and we'll contact you when the software you utilize has a Zoints plugin.
Also, I plan to get vB, without vBSEO in a few months.