UPDATED: Community Reviews - Guidelines and Information!

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Dec 5, 2011
Welcome to the Community Reviews section of The Admin Zone! Here you will be able to submit your forum for a review where other Forum Owners, Moderators, and Administrators within the community will assess your forum and cover a variety of topics, in order to provide you with insight as to how guests view your forum.

Think you are ready to request a review? First, check out the requirements for community reviews below!

Where do I go to Request a Review?

Click Here and fill out the required information.

Are there requirements to have my forum reviewed?

In order to keep your forum in good standing to receive reviews from the community we request that you only post your review request once it meets all of the Showcase Posting Requirements*.

*Please additionally note that any forum that is Not Safe for Work (NSFW), not in English, allows topics including - but not limited to drug use, hacking, hate speech, endangering minors, or allows other questionable topics will result in removal from the showcase. Further the TAZ Staff reserves the right to remove any request for any reason.

Are community reviews limited to forums?

Yes. Any non-forum site submitted will be deleted without warning.

What does a community review cover?

While all showcase reviews offer options for community members to give feedback within the pro's and con's of your website, Community Reviews specifically offer the reviewer the ability to comment on your forums Logos, Banners, and Graphics in order to suggest new or improved designs, your Quantity of Forums in case you have too many, too few, or a plain confusing forum layout, and your Theme and Niche to determine if your forum's topic obvious to the eye.

Additionally, reviewers are given the ability to rate your forum in aspects of its community participation, Ease of Navigation, and Staff Quantity/Activity.

At the end of the review, we hope our community members are able to stimulate future ideas and gives an actual assessment of your forum rather than merely summarizing what is seen.

So if I've requested a review, am I set on receiving one?

Because the reviews are community based, you are not guaranteed a review upon submission. If you have not received feedback on your forum after a three days you're free to bump your showcase discussion thread requesting some feedback. Hint: If you ask specific questions in regards to change, community members are more likely to help.

When may I request another community review?

If your submission is for a different forum, right now. If for the same forum, we ask you wait six months.

For any further questions regarding community reviews, please feel free to post a thread here.​
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