Typing Skills: The Fashion of the Internet

Diana Notacat

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Feb 18, 2005
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Typing Skills: The Fashion of the Internet

Typing Skills: The Fashion of the Internet

The debate that screams across every active forum on the net; “y do3s it matt3r if I typ rite?” Every admin wishes there was some sort of international law that explained this already, sparing them the trouble of typing out the details to a person that in the end will only reply with: “but it sh0s mi p3s0nality!!1111111" Even the most patient will want to ram a sock down their throat and kick them out the front door. Woe is the forum admin, is there not a better way to explain to these misinformed people that they just look stupid?! Success! This article was made just for you!

One day while chatting with a forum member I was asked: “Why does it matter how they type, if you can understand them?” my response was simple (after a long hour lecturing where I ended up the only person left in chat...) - Typing is the only internet fashion. It shows your personality online just as the clothes you wear in person displays who you are.

Visualize a man walking down the street. He’s is wearing a dozen gold chains around his neck, a basketball jersey, and a fake gold tooth. Your first impression? That man is ghetto fabulous! Ah, but take away all his bling and you discover he’s a college graduate running a million dollar business. If he walked in to a job interview for a big cooperation like that he would never be hired. But hey, it shows his personality!

The way people type online is this same principal. 1337-speak, chat-speak, bad spelling, missing punctuation... all these things though “cute”, “fast”, or “cool” may not show your personality the true way you want to be displayed. Why is that? Because these things have been stereotyped as immature or uneducated, just like hoochie skirts and spandex on grandma. Sure its fast and easy when you want to message someone on AIM or text them on their phone, but when it comes to a forum community it just looks stupid!

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Take 1337 for example. This is usually a normal sentence typed up with a bunch of numbers or symbols. For most people this is near impossible to understand! So, you want to be that guy on the forum that gets ignored because no one can read your text? It might be fun those silly nights you’re playing around, but on a regular basis, this is a big lightbulb to someone who just wants to be annoying.

Woe is the youngster who is too lazy to write whole sentences. Hey ev1! how r u doing?...

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