Tweaking WoltLab Suite 3.1


Dec 9, 2017
With assistance from WoltLab customers and some devs I've made some tweaks as follows

The Facebook style like and dislike buttons weren't easy to see, so with some CSS override code they now show up green and red respectively, which means they are a lot easier to see. No one actually uses the dislike button, but I'll leave it there for the moment.

When a member is quoted it's nice to see their avatar within the quote so that we can instantly see who is being quoted and again, with a CSS code override, that has now been added.

I wanted a create thread button which was easy to see on both the home page and the boards listing and with some fiddling about, they can now be seen easily and a thread created very simply.

Well that's it for now and if this helps any other WoltLab users, please let me know.