turboduck - a racy gaming community


Dec 17, 2014
What is the name of your forum/website?: turboduck (yes really!)

Description of your forum's topic?: Mainly driving and racing games but we like all other games except those that are banned such as H and C (in joke). Nice variety of automotive, motorsport and a real penchant for car spotting pics get posted also.

What is the URL?: http://forum.turboduck.net

Date of launch?: 1st February 2007

What software do you use for this forum?: vBulletin 4 (started on vB3)

Additional details about your forum you might want to add: Started off as a dedicated community to the game Test Drive Unlimited and then after the disappointment of the sequel we put it to our members about changing focus and name (BIG MISTAKE!) :eek: where because we were known as TDUC hence t-duck we out rightly became tduck.

A core part of the community has been the banner: for a long time now it's always been the winning image(s) of our almost-but-never-quite-bi-weekly contest we hold and it's one of the aspects I most adore about it. As the admin I don't know how those who get plastered up there actually look upon it, but I would like to think that it's a nice warm fuzzy feeling myself.

The style started as Defraction from PurevB but over the years I just dived in and caused chaos. I cannot leave a style alone really and need to add my own personal (insane) flair to it. Usually it works out but in the instances I get tired of what I've done I get down to switching it for another look. I'm impulsive but not impatient, which really is to my detriment at times.

Making vB4 responsive was a real headache and is pure mad scientist in action. (I set out to make it run on an ancient Galaxy Ace confident that if it worked on that it would work on pretty much most devices)

Tis been a blast and I have broken learned so much throughout my time with the place. Looking to move it forward but just unable at this time.

Well that's my little slice of the web.

May 20, 2010
Not going to lie, when I read your title I immediately thought " A racist gaming community" lol And then my thought process kicked in lul...