Trying to improve the UI, without losing useful features


Nov 8, 2009
Hello all,

Well right now I am trying to improve things with a gallery that I can working on. There is another topic that talks about where you draw the line in having something that is too simple or too complex. You can view that topic here .

One of the first things that I wanted to do (to improve the UI) was to move all the permissions from this somewhat confusing place and put it where every other permission live and simplify things. While that was simple enough, it also broke quite a few things (most can be fixed up though :)). The 2 most important ones are:

- Before each global album can have its own set of permissions for each user group. Now it one set of permissions for each user group that covers all global albums.
- Before users have control over who can see their albums (only applies to sub albums,) there were 4 options: "Everyone", "Registered users only", "Registered users only excluding foes" and "Friends only". Now everyone can see every album (unless you say that user group x can't list albums, and only the admin can do that as it a global permission).

The picture below is one of the first screens that you get when you go to set the permissions:


The next two is what I'm aiming for in the end:

afteruser.png aftermod.png

So as you can see, the UI is a more firendly as the permissions are located with all the other permissions but at a price. That price is listed above.

Right now I'm working on ideas on what I could do about this issue, the latest one *may* work but it *may* still requires a tript to a different place to set things up correctly. And the end result could make things more confusing than what it is.

At the end of the day, I'm trying to make things more simple, but I really do want to keep the privacy option that menbers can set for their own albums.

*heads out for a quick walk*
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