Tight Budget? Here is a little Guide!


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Jul 7, 2006
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Tight Budget? Here is a little Guide!

Tight Budget?
Where To Spend, Where To Save
-by Me!

Are you on a tight budget? We all are, whether it be because this is a side hobby, or you are a teen, or just strapped for cash. This guide will attempt to explain where you should spend your money, and where you should save it.

Where To Save-

Templates- Dont waste money on templates from those template websites! Its a waste of money, especially since forum templates are a avaliable for free. The templates from those sites are usually not an upgrade from the free ones.

Graphics- Definitely dont waste money! Usually graphics forums have request areas, and someone with free time will happily make you graphics.

Forum Software- If you are on a tight budget, you dont need to pay for forum software. (Steal it!) (<--Joke). There are many free forum softwares available, including phpbb and SMF. With the release of phpbb3 upcoming, you can have very powerful software for absolutely nothing.

Paid Posting- Dont waste your money here. Try post exchanges instead, but make sure you can get a sample of what the poster will offer.

Where to Spend-

Hosting- Finding a good host, that doesnt oversell completely, and offers you support at all times, does not come cheap! The rule with hosting is that you get what you pay for. The starting hosting costs can be somewhere between $7-$20 dollars a month. DO NOT be cheap when it comes to hosting, you will regret it later on.

Domain- This is not really much money, but it costs money nonetheless. For about $10 a year, you can have your own domain. That is much better then being on some subdomain, and people will treat you better with your own domain.

Advertising- This is how you will get your name out, so save some money for advertising. I suggest going to webmaster type sites, and checking out there marketplace sections. Make sure you are getting a good deal though. (A pr 0, two day old site should not be charging money for links)

Bartering To the Rescue!

Bartering can be a great way to save money, and get the services you need.

Link Exchanges- Quid pro quo! Usually you dont really have anything to lose here.

Something in Exchange for Advertising- If you really need a service, people will be willing to do it, in exchange for links or ads on your site. Work out the deal, and make sure what you recieve is quality!

Post Exchanges- See above.

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