Things I learned behind enemy lines

Jan 6, 2004
I edited down the initial post after posting it and screwed it up. I thought the first version was too long winded and deleted a lot of things I intended to keep in the edited version. Of course I'm joking.

My Yankee family is great and the country up there is beautiful, I look forward to going back and riding a bike through those rolling hills. Plus, this trip wasn't about me it was about making my Grandmother happy. She's only been able to visit her family maybe 3 or 4 times since getting married at age 15. Her brother held a grudge against my grandfather for many years and only made the trip down to see her after he died. I can understand why he feels that way though, my Dad had the same problem when he married my Mom and my Great Grandfather faced a similar issue with his first wife. The men in my family have been taking Yankee brides for generations. I even have a great-great-great-great-great-grandfather that holds the distinction of being the first baby born on the reservation at the end of the trail of tears. The men in my family just refuse to date southern women.

As far as the "behind enemy lines" comment; In the south we like to joke about the rest of the country being the enemy because we're often having federal laws dictated to us that are designed/voted in by folks that live a totally different way of life. It has less to do with the south and more to do with the rural/city mindset difference. Major cities in the south are as liberal as major cities anywhere else and the people that live in them love to poke fun at the "hicks" that live just beyond their borders. They take for granted that their cities wouldn't be able to feed the population if it weren't for the hicks slaving away in the fields every day to provide them with that food they buy. I'm big on states rights and think the fed should stay out of our business. I could go on and on about this subject but I digress.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a racist. I don't mean that in the "hate everyone that isn't white" way, I mean that I recognize the differences in the various races, their cultures, and feel all of them should embrace their own race and do what they think is best for it. I think along the same lines as Rockwell and Malcom X did.

Basically, the black community doesn't need a bunch of white folks coming in telling them how to solve the problems in their community just like black folks shouldn't dictate to white folks how they should act/think/feel about whatever issue. In short; the color of your skin has little to do with being a piece of ****. I've been on the business end of a gun various times in my life and all of those people shared common traits and one of them wasn't skin color. I've been robbed various times as well and again skin color had little to do with it.

I generally get along and hang out with everybody. The only people I really don't like are the SJW types that think policing how other folks think/talk/act is some moral crusade to be proud of. They're walking buzzkills and generally have a host of problems that prevent them for getting along with the rest of society. They're dishonest and two-faced and I laugh like a banshee any time one of them gets outed by their own little group and "quits the internet". They don't know how to have fun. Aside from them I mostly like everyone excluding drug addicts.

Wow this turned into a novel, I know y'all hate these long winded posts of mine but I think and type fast so I can't help it. I should mention one last thing:

I am a member of the SCV and I've often been labeled a bigot for being a part of it. I'm a member because a friend needed my help and I wanted to honor my ancestor that died in one of the bloodiest battles in the war. All we do is meet once a month and talk about history. We often have guest come and teach us about various things in history that were going on back then. We have members of all races and the only rule about joining is you have to be a direct descendant of a soldier that fought in the war. Outside of those meetings we: Clean gravestones/graveyards, march in parades, do minimal activist work when people vandalize confederate monuments, and sometimes we'll go on a trip together and learn how to fire cannons or anything else that sounds like fun. I used to have the battle flag on my license plate until some uppity folks complained about it and the state stopped issuing them to people. Ironically, I have members of my family that fought for the North too so if they have a similar organization I could join it but I'm not sure if they do (unless you count the US Army :whistle:).

But yea, it was all in good fun. I'm no stranger to having this problem. I use satire so much online and IRL that folks can't tell when I'm joking or not. I guess I'm too deadpan in my delivery.

Edit: removed the video I linked because of the content. Someone re-posted it, edited it and added a bunch of crap. It was supposed to just be excerpts from speeches and I can't find the original on youtube now. If you saw it I suggest reading the books or listening to their actual speeches instead because people take their words and twist them to suit their own propaganda.
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