The Perfect Forum Software


Jul 25, 2004
Ian Griffiths said:
No reason why it can't, apart from time.
I wish it was available now. Someone else installed vbulletin on my site, and that person is no longer around. I just purchased a new licese and I am trying to upgrade from the version that was already installed and it has turned into a complete disaster.

Right now, I wish I would have never upgraded. :banghead:


vBulletin User
Jan 17, 2004
Loony BoB said:
it might be an idea to include multiple default skins including one which would be extremely simplified for people on 56k modems - ie a simpe, image-less version which runs less queries per page, something similar to the archive only functional with regards to being able to reply etc.
Yes, a fully working dial-up/PDA skin would be nice to have as an option.
I am also not a tech person at all, and some aspects are out of my reach. It sometimes feels one must have several years of tech studies to be able to start up a simple online community. Server issues/installing software/skinning... all seem to need so much expertise. There should be a software for Dummies :p