The Cat Site - September 15, 2004


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Jan 1, 2004
Launched October 23, 2000, ([url][/url] is primarily a cat welfare site dealing with topics that pertain to cat ownership: health and nutrituion, behavior, breeding and care of strays.

TheCatSite additionally provides forums for social interaction, current event debate, sharing photos, and captioning cat photos taken by members.

The most popular forum is The Cat Lounge, dedicated to general discussion. In this area the members come to know one another and become friends while in the cat forums they post for advice regarding their pets.

Using vBulletin Version 3.0.0 software for the community, TheCatSite has 8234+ members. Of the 60% of members who identify their age: 4% are under 18, 33% are 18-35, 18% are 36-50, and 5% are over 50 primarily female. The majority of membership is from the U.S. and Canada and largely represented in the U.K. The community is also represented in many European and a few Asian countries. Our site's owner lives in Israel.

The site enjoys extra activities that enlarge the participation of the communities members. TheCatSite's marketing director dreams up monthly contests along with a picture captioning forum in which one member monthly is awarded a prize for captioning a picture. "We have been fortunate to be able to run some temporary forums in which some type of cat expert answers member questions. So far, we have included an Animal Control Officer, an author specializing in the care of elderly cats, and an expert on feline genetics. These forums remain for readers even after the guest host has ended his/her term."

TheCatSite's staff numbers at 27. This includes 4 admins, 12 moderators, 1 web developer, 1 Community Leader, 2 Mentors, and 7 Advisors (members who are highly experienced in some phase of cat care).

Revenue is generated in a variety of ways. "We have a forum dedicated strictly to business owners that want to advertise for a monthly fee. Some of our contests are also sponsored by vendors. We have paid advertisement banners in our forums. We offer members an optional paid membership, which includes larger PM box, larger file attachment privileges, and an option to turn off outside banner ads. Our marketing director (one of our admins) spends many hours soliciting business partners and vendors." says Deborah Moltisanti one of TheCatSite's administrators.

"I am an elementary school administrator located in Tampa, FL. I have 2 teenage children and, of course, 2 cats. I have been a member at TheCatSite since February 2001."

"As a moderator and administrator, I spend a good deal of my time behind the scenes. I personally manage and moderate our Caption This forum and moderate in the Cat Lounge and our Feedback forum. I also answer emails to administration and review new member registrations. Because I am not a huge expert on feline issues (most of what I know, I have learned from being a member of our site), I enjoy making sure that things are running smoothly behind the scenes so that our members can have an enjoyable time on the forums."

The Admin Zone congratulates TheCatSite on their success as a welcoming haven for cat lovers! Meow! Meow!


Jul 5, 2004
Very nice write-up of an exceptional website. Of course I am a tad biased- :)

Thank you for featuring us-

Mary Anne Miller
Admin and Marketing Director


Jul 10, 2004
Thanks, Kathy, for this opportunity to showcase our site. What started out as a labor of love for Anne Moss, our site's owner, has really grown and become a source of pride for those of us involved from the early days.

Deborah Moltisanti