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Jul 12, 2021
That isn't how most people online look at it. They don't come to our forums because we're running the latest XF or Invision versions. They come because we offer content on a subject they are interested in. I've conducted a lot of user testing over the years and the truth is this: Simple and clear wins every time.
Ever go into a store week after week, month after month ... to the point you know where most everything is? Then one day you go in and it's all been moved around? All the same stuff, nothing new, but all in different places.

That's how I feel about software changes.

To be honest, there are a LOT of things about XF I don't care for, but as a weenie user, I don't have anything to say about it when a site changes.. My choice is to get used to it, or move on.


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Sep 9, 2013
I don't need fancy or updated for no real reason.
This was one of the largest arguments I had with the team when I returned in 2013.

I was told - then - that 2.1 was 'almost ready to go' and simply in need of bug fixes. But the 2.1 at that point had a new editor, it had the new theme and a collection of minor features.

I was adamant that a new version had to have interesting and compelling features to encourage users to upgrade - that an insipid release was worse than no release. This is how come mentions and likes and the alerts system became core. (Interestingly, I wanted to do reactions then but was talked down because 'we don't think it'll be necessary')

The other thing that's interesting to note is that all the versions prior to 2.1 shipped the previous version's theme. You came from YABB SE? There's a port of the YABBSE theme in 1.0 alongside the 1.0 theme. Migrate to 1.1, and the 1.0 theme is still there. Migrate to 2.0 and the YABBSE/1.0/1.1 themes are still available.

But migrate to 2.1? There's no port of 2.0 (or older) themes precisely for that continuity.

Now, I'll hold my hand up to some of the changes that were made that, in hindsight, were the wrong changes. But I will defend that - at the time - every change I made personally was with the belief it was improving the software, and I knew even then that some of them would be unpopular. But I figured I'd rather not try to 'find the least worst' but to pick a path, stick to it and do that.