Sybermoms - March 15, 2004


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Jan 1, 2004
Sybermoms Parenting Message Board ( was launched in May, 2002 for general parenting, vents, debates and specific parenting issues. Now with almost 4,000 members, 76% of the members are active, creating the over 1,600,000 posts in discussions and debates over parenting issues ranging from birthing babies to raising teens. They admittedly remind the guests and members they are "muthas with attitudes" with the motto: "The Rumors are True!"

The members are moms: stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, married moms, military moms, and all types in between. They admit it takes thick skin, the brains to back up your opinions, and a love of message boards to fit right in. And with the content a bit on the risque they also admit, "Oh, and before you ask, we do kiss our kids with these mouths!"

"Our parenting message board stands united against child abuse in ANY form. We learn from each other by hashing out the issues of today and pondering our personal, parenting and relationship dilemmas on our message board. We won’t beat around the bush when it comes to condemning self-destructive behavior and bad parenting, but when a member truly needs support, we back her up 110%."

With 13 admins (all co-owners of Sybermoms) and 40 moderators, a dozen or so mentors, one web-developer/admin and one hired programmer, the site uses vBulletin forums software with a variety of customizations to enhance the parenting community.

Sybermoms, Inc has Kathy Azevedo as its president. Michelle Waters, a co-owner and manager of the technical aspects of the site, provides hosting within "Watersweb Designs", and helped The Admin Zone by answering interview questions about Sybermoms.

Sybermoms uses vBulletin forum software with quite a few customizations to provide to the members some extra for community benefits and upgraded memberships. Revenue for the site is generated with the upgraded memberships, the sale of private forums, cafepress merchandise, advertising and auctions.

"In our effort to fight breast cancer, Sybermoms members got together and formed a team to walk the 60 miles in 30 days for the Susan G. Komen foundation. In the fall of 2003, Sybermoms held its first Sybermoms Strollers auction (our second auction ever), which raised over $3,000 USD. More activities are in the works, so stay tuned and get your credit card numbers ready!"

Handling the many members in its fast growing community of posts and threads, Sybermoms created an online court system for their community: "Like any self-governing nation, Sybermoms has its own court of law. But why? Why would a web site need a court of law? Because there’s got to be a whiner in every crowd. And the whiners were annoying the administrators. Solution? Let them sue the hell out of each other! With suspect testimony, witnesses who can be bought, dubious lawyers, and juries who aren’t above a good bribe, the courtroom answers to Judge Hootie McBoob. Fuzzy boots are mandatory and Judge Hootie’s decree is always final. It’s also usually somewhat unpleasant. Sue at your own risk."

With a variety of forums to select no matter your mom-hood, the Sybermoms have been selected The Admin Zone's Featured Forum for March 15, 2004. Congrats to the Sybermoms. After checking over their site we have to agree: The Rumours ARE True!