Successful Forum: Problem Solving

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Dec 16, 2005
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Successful Forum: Problem Solving

Successful Forum: Problem Solving
By: Shawn Joseph Gossman

Welcome to the third article in my Successful Forum article series. So far the other two articles have covered basic forum creation and basic forum membership and staff population. In this article, I will be discussing problem solving. Running a forum will not be pure ease, there will be problems and you will need to create solutions. This article will guide you on some of the most common problems on a forum and give you basic suggestions on how to respond and react to them. This article will cover various problems from member violations to staff arguments, forum bugs to downtime and some things in between. When you run a forum, the main thing to keep in mind is that when a problem occurs, you will need to try your best to accurately resolve it in a timely fashion so that more drama doesn’t occur and harm your forum more than it needs to be harmed.

The problem with spam

Spam is probably one of the worst (if not the number one worst) problem that forum owners will run into. There are many programs out there that will automatically post spam on a forum such as Xrumor and others. Most of the time, a program is posting the spam so when you take action, no one is really getting the punishment they deserve. I like to nickname it the War on Spam because to me it’s just a cyber-version of the War on Drugs. Spammers are worthless forms of existence and you must, as a forum owner fight back against them.

Spam on a forum can ruin your forum! You want to make sure that you get spam off the forum as soon as possible and even before regular members even see it. However, crucial and active regular members tend to help out and report spam to forum staff when they see it and you will need to rely on members like that. I would suggest posting something on your rules or in the news section about asking members to report spam if they see it so that you can get it removed quicker. The number one tool to block spam on a forum is...

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