StripersOnline - June 1, 2004


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Jan 1, 2004
Launched November of 1999, StripersOnline ( started life on the internet as “Tim’s NJ Striped Bass Site”. After a month online the free ISP webhosting account just wasn’t large enough for the 215 members and message board so a new domain was selected: StripersOnline. “Stripers online” as is on the web and stripers online as in on the end of your fishing rod.

Beginning with 3 forums for surf fishing, forums have been added here and there, usually by someone’s suggestion followed up by public discussion. Currently with 25 active fishing and outdoors oriented forums on “SurfTalk” (The name of the forums on StripersOnline), the forums stay fresh and interesting with daily traffic to support the various forums.

SurfTalk is a community of people who fish. Some like to surf fish, some prefer boats, some commercial fish, others never leave freshwater. “...and some I often wonder if they ever fish at all, ” says admininstrator and owner Tim Surgent. “More specifically, our forums tend towards saltwater fishing and many associated interests of saltwater fishers.”

Using UBB from its creation, the most popular forum is the “Main Forum” as sort of a fishing/website catch-all. With How-to Forums, and Regional Forums, a Town Tavern, Boating forums, Beach Buggy forum and even a Buy-Sell-Trade Forum SurfTalk on the StripersOnline website is a busy place with its 5,500 members.

”We've tried to design forums around our community. In fact, we've always allowed our online community to drive the direction of the website. We established some ground rules early on such as being respectful of each other, no vulgarity, no antagonistic posts, no using the Lord's name in vain, no nudity or overly provocative photos, etc. We wanted to build a family "safe" website. Once we had established the groundwork, almost every decision regarding the growth and direction of the website was handled publicly. We weren't just saying we were building a community because it sounds nice, we were allowing the community to create itself. I just built and run StripersOnline, it's our members that give it a heartbeat.” Explained Tim. "On average we probably get about 5 or 6 new members a day."

With registered members from 12 countries and all 50 states, the men outnumber the women on StripersOnline with a wide span of ages from 25-50 on average. Mostly, though, the majority of members live within 2 hours of the eastern shores of the US with more north of South Carolina than south.

StripersOnline hosts fishing oriented gatherings called "Flings" held annually providing a chance to meet, hang out and fish with other members that may live 6 or 8 hours away.

Admin Tim explained, "There's usually some serious grilling, lots of fishing talk and tackle show and tell and then we break up into groups and fish through the night - stripers bite best in the dark ;-) Attendance varies depending on location and season. We may have 25 people at the Rhode Island Fling in October and 80 people at the Spring Fling held in NJ during late May. We have an annual "Food Fling" - which is intentionally a non-fishing fling. This is held in late winter when people who fish are suffering cabin fever. I believe we had close to 200 different people come and going during the course of the Food Fling this year. People bring their favorite dishes, we have a professional chef (he's a member) and his assistant cook up some fancy stuff and we all mill around for hours, talk like women and eat like pigs. It's a blast."

Revenue is currently generated by the Online Tackle Shop ( as the adminstrator is making the transition in additional marketing and advertising strategies.

StripersOnline is handled with 4 administrators and 30 moderators called "Forum Leaders".

Tim Surgent, owner and administrator, is 38 years old and lives in Wall, NJ, with his wife of 8 years. "I''ve loved the outdoors since as long as I can remember and spend as much time fishing anywhere from Canada to Delaware as is humanly possible."

When asked how he spends a typical day of administrating and managing StripersOnline he replied, "I probably spend an hour answering emails and printing orders every morning. The forums are what I would call "mature" - means people are aware of the rules and are generally very respectful. If there's a problem someone either handles it or lets me know. Developing and maintaining the actual pages of the website can vary between overwhelming and a breeze, it depends on many factors. The online store eats up every spare moment."

The Admin Zone would like to congratulate Tim and his staff for StripersOnline's success. And may your surf be filled with fish!


Apr 27, 2004
Kathy, thank you very much for featuring's SurfTalk Forums! :) It is very much appreciated, you did a wonderful job and we're proud to listed on the wonderful community that you've created here


Apr 27, 2004
Nice site!

You have taken a topic, New Jersey surf fishing for stripers and covered it. Top to bottom.

You also make the point that it is listening to the member that will make or break a site.

It is truely wonderful. Thank you.

personal note.

I have chased the stripers south of the Golden Gate bridge.

After a lot of waiting, the anchovie move close to the beach.

There is no way to adequately describe the chaos and excitement of the fish working a school of anchovie, sea birds diving to feed on the small fish, casting from the beach with 50 others, nice. The catch for me on one day consisted of one Puffin, half a dozen anchovie (eaten by a passing dog, and somehow my lure found the tricep of another caster.

People who don't fish, will never understand. But, I love fishing.