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Aug 9, 2005
Hi, there.

Recently, a license for the latest edition of VB was purchased for a forum I help admin. Keep in mind that this forum was upgraded from PHPbb to VB and already had many members and many posts. Upon installing said forum, we've run across a few problems that I feel should be asked about:

-- All of the posts that were made before launching are said to have been made by guests. This has made all of our users postcounts set to 0, though their posts are still available for viewing. We chalk this up to some sort of importing error, but that brings me to the next problem:

-- After launching the forum, a new user registered for the forums. This user has 540 posts, though everyone else on the forum has between 0 and 10 [see above]. Not only is it strange because he's made one post that I've seen, but looking in his "post history", it claims that he's made posts long before he registered. On top of this, threads that are definitely not his bare his name as the creator of the thread and posts that are definitely not his bare his name as the poster. I can't think of any possible explaination for this.

-- Our forum has never really had many guests on. Before upgrading, I believe the most users we had at once was 54 total. Today, we were up to 300. Ten of which were registered users, and the rest were guests. While I know we have a lot of registered users, it's never been so active as that, and I'm fairly certain that suddenly 300 of our members decided to visit the board tonight. I wouldn't say it's irritating, but more confusing than anything else.

Can anyone give me any information about these issues, or what can be done to go about correcting them? Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 1, 2004
Has the owner of the license asked for support at support ticket area? That is the best place to get specific quirky help like this one.....


Aug 1, 2005
Yep I agree sounds like it needs to be looked at by vBulletin themselves. Maybe a bad install?

(yea I know not much help eh?)


Dec 21, 2014
Well, I know, this thread is more than 15 years old as I write the present response. The problems reported here helps me realize how exceptionally well performed the wpForo - Go2wpForo Migration Tool I just used to migrate from Phpbb to wpForo. I'm reading around because I have other issues that do not seem to find an easy answer. I'll be posting in a distinct thread about it. It has to do with the inability to edit posts as admin. More to come.
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