Sponsor sections or pinned sponsor posts


Jan 18, 2012
Ok so I offer sponsor banner ads but some sponsors are now looking for an option to actually post and advertise their services within the forum so they can chate to members and give more detail etc. We have avoided advertising kind of posts in the past just pushing those who want to, to advertising with banners. It was to avoid many just seeing it as a free for all and loads of threads just turning into one big ad.

Anyway, we are looking at this again but trying to find a way that works is hard. I wonder what others do if at all? We have always been quite restrictive on any posts that remotely look like advertising as our members don't want to be spammed adverts in replies to their questions on the forum. In the past, we tried a specific sponsor section. It was great for the members as it was just kept to that one area but the trouble was most members just ignored it so sponsors were not really getting anything from it. We are looking at pinned posts but again there is an issue with that because a lot of our members don't view forum sections, they go direct to the latest posts since there last visit.

Just wondering what others do for sponsors. And finding that balance for both the users and sponsors.