Some Useful Content Ideas You May Not Have Heard Of


Jan 16, 2010
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Some Useful Content Ideas You May Not Have Heard Of

After reading a few articles online, such as the one on the Cave of Dragonflies saying about types of content, and a few more saying that unique ideas are a great way to get repeat visitors and community spirit, I have started thinking about the various types of interesting content that are outside the normally recommended stuff, but may in fact help your site through word of mouth, signatures and indirect promotion. So, in no particular order, here are the five types of content that's interesting to your visitors, outside of the typical news reporting and isn't found on Wikipedia:

1. Fanlistings

Now, until recently, I never really even knew what these things are, but they are actually an extremely simple way of getting a lot of information about a very particular subject as well as showing your interest in a topic. They are simply a list of fans on a site which also contains the usual rules, joining information and FAQS about whatever the subject area is. This way, by making these, you can get quite a bit of interesting content without actually needing to stick 100% to the original subject matter but on a slight tangent from it. So you'd make a fanlisting about say... a particular character in a TV show/film/video game, and as well as the listings, you'd actually then add an FAQ or set of information pages about the topic. This way, you can become a one stop source for a very, very narrow topic, and if you use the name of the topic in the address, often end up in page 1 of Google for said thing.

2. Quizzes and Games

You know, answer the questions about this topic, or reach the end of a maze based on this topic, or the like. I've found them quite useful in building community spirit (I just today held a contest where the winner of the maze thing got a private board as a prize, and it ended up with about 40 people taking part out of the 100 I generally have visit a day), and best of all, they can actually advertise for you. Just make the code they win have a link to your site which goes with a neat banner or button image people can put in signatures, on websites or on blogs, and the idea is that people will get curious about the quiz or whatever, click it, maybe take part then even visit your site or forum as an indirect result.

Plus, as said, a nice little vanity thing for your members to put in their signatures instead of... you know, links to your competitors forums?

3. Unique topic...

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