Sitebuilding: The Journey is Full of Bumps!


Jan 13, 2005
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Sitebuilding: The Journey is Full of Bumps!

The Journey is Full of Bumps!

The purpose of the article is to enlighten the potential or new community administrator to the bumps in the road that you might come across in the hiring of a professional designer to tackle an online community design or redesign. It will also cover some personal experiences I’ve had with my first online community and what to expect if you’re creating your first community or thinking of a new themed community.

The driving force behind this article is there’s a million how-to’s out there but there really isn’t much information out there concerning this topic or the politics involved in competition to help the inexperienced administrator if you think about it.

I’ll start from the very beginning. My parents are partly to blame for this because when I was growing up it always seemed to me that I never got what I wanted and I always had to settle for second best. I never really complained about it because I knew money was tight growing up but now that I have succeeded in life up to this point, my personality is that of “I must have the best of everything” whether it be the best steak at a restaurant or the EX version of a vehicle.. There’s no doubt I will not settle for anything less and this managed to spill over into my first online community none the less…

I’ve always been an avid user of forums either for fixing problems at work or to read about my hobbies and most of the time the Administrator’s and Moderators where helpful and nice but it always seemed to me that the communities I frequented were restricted with rules to help save them money or they just didn’t have the funds to add that needed something that was missing.

One day during my many visits to a particular site a new restriction was put on the size of graphics and it occurred to me that I can fix this by opening up my own community… Let the fun begin!

The first thing I did was research the software even though I was very familiar with the many different types offered and I settled upon what I wanted and what the theme was going to be for my community. I took the time to create a list of the required functionality and based this entire project on the typical end user of my new site. I wanted to maximize the visitors experience with functionality and I thought from the beginning that this would be one of the keys to keeping the users coming back on a consistent basis.

Next thing I did was research the best looking forum communities...

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Oct 16, 2006
Great Article!!!

What you're saying is very true, compition between forums are destorying the essence of the community. Also you should always stay ontop of the service that you are payying, too many scammers and lazy designers these days. :hopeless:

Is this community of your still up, if yes could you please give me a link?


Oct 17, 2006
it does go both ways though as far as posting urls. i know some sites treat people as their personal concentration camp prisoners, usually larger sites are more likely to be less tolerant of the sharing of other forums.
the reason for this is that they could care a less if you stay or go. they arent looking at pbjunkie thinks this or pbjunkie thinks that, they are looking at numbers like we have 50k or 100k uniques a day so one out of those 50k or more means nothing. and what they just said to you is that YOU mean nothing.

this is where the community is truely lost. in the disrespect of others.
it comes in many forms but its always the same thing. typically on larger, fast moving off topic areas you will find the disrespect the greatest. people think they are anonymous on forums and the larger the site the more so they act that way.

But when you have a larger community and some guy who doesnt really give a darn about the hard work you have done comes along and all he posts is links to his site and how great it is on your forum, it tends to anger him. why does it anger him?
mainly because of your whole point, money, if a site is a true community they would look at this new members posts, visit his or her page, and if it really is worth something to go there they will thank him, if not it will just be viewed as who's the noob with the spam, so the posting of forums by people really doesnt hurt anyone. but greed driven sites cant see past their wallets to see that there are people on THIER site who can make thier own judgements on what is good and what is bad.

if there all of a sudden became no profit for any site ever, only the real communities would be left. many of the big communities would fall because they now have no reason to care about these massive amounts of people.
There is no crime against making a profit from a website, but when it comes to profits there should also be values, not deals on stuff as the term values is so commonly thought of today, but the moral kind that seems to have been swept under the rug these days.

things that make me lose respect for sites are bashing of religion and anything that others value, i dont care what people believe, but if i love my cat i dont want to see it dead in the road laying next to a sign saying free cat, things that others hold sacred should be respected, its just showing respect for that person, not saying you believe what they do.

so when you post to a community forum you are saying i support this place, i believe in what they are believing in, i would say welcome my g/f to this community and have no fear of my so called friends disrespecting her.
so my post in this forum, do i believe in this forum? i can honestly say that since i have been here i have only found the generousity of others and the utmost respect. could it change? yes im sure it could, but i know that this forum didnt get this way by disrespecting people.

so when you make your post on the forum of your choice be clear as to what you are really saying by your presence there.