Show us your MyBB!

The Chosen

Sep 5, 2006
Simple thread, just show us your MyBB forum. I'll go first

It's running the latest version of MyBB and I have installed several plugins from

Let's see yours. :bonk:
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Ryan Ashbrook

IPS Developer
Jan 26, 2004
I've just created mine literally a half an hour ago. :)

I've been actually working on modifying it and customization it for the past two days.

Link in my sig. :)


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Dec 4, 2005

Many mods are custom coded by me in it.

Because when I started this forum the MyBB was not having cash mod, reputation mod. etc. So I had coded it myself and am still using that script.

In real it is now My BB. :D


IPB 3.0+ User
Oct 3, 2004

Lots of plugins installed, however some have been disabled in preparation for Mybb 1.4.

I've done a lot of work on the forum due to messed up templates, plugin problems and so forth.

It looks fairly decent now, still a bit more work to do on it.

Forum has 35 total members, 4 - 8 which are actually active.

I've been lacking new registrations or active members and have tried everything I could think of to encourage visitors to register such as adding features, improving user friendliness, sending emails to users I haven't seen in a while informing them, "We haven't seen you in a while, We'd like you to join us again." and other things to try to get new registrations.

The website/domain is seven months old, forum has over a thousand posts and several hundred topics.

Content isn't the problem with lacking activity as we have plenty of content. I have done a lot of things to optimize for search engines from submitting my website to search engines, sitemaps, keyword/meta optimization and back links - a lot of them.

I hopefully want to get some activity going, increase traffic and hopefully new registrations.

As you can see it's fairly inactive over there which I am trying to change, my top concern is the lack of activity and I am trying to improve what I can.

I openly accept suggestions or feedback from members, so if you have a problem you can feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to remedy it.

I am using Mkportal for the main page: and also run another Mybb forum on a subdomain which I am currently looking to recruit staff for at which is a Half-Life forum for Valve's Half-Life series of games.

A short description of my website can be summed up that we are a relatively new gaming and emulation community. We provide support and allow discussions for emulators or anything gaming related. We offer downloads, reviews and blogs for our visitors and members.

We don't allow anything illegal such as warez or any copyrighted materials illegally. We also prohibit warez related support requests.

If you are interested in gaming or emulation we would appreciate your presence there and registration. I'm pretty laid back as well as my staff, not harsh like a lot of administrators/staff on some other forums are. We'll ensure you're time is well spent there and fun.

I look forward to seeing you all over there. :tiphat:

WOW. Almost certain you fixed up that theme? Very nice work.

It is not easy to get new people/members considering the every growing number of forum sites on the net. My best suggestion is to do link exchanges IF possible with other related sites.
Havent really ran across this issue but then again i havent really been pushing my (MYBB ) forum as much which has 147 members and around 20-25 active posters.
But the link exchange has helped especially with my other site/forum. Plus i link it in my profile and or sig line at other simular sites i visit. That too has helped. Have 1,252 members on that one and it is just a little over a year old.

Good luck with it and as said very nice layout!!!!


Jun 29, 2008
The themes aren't my creation, but I have performed a lot of fixes that were due to bugged plugins, significant template edits to improve the look.

I have some nifty plugins installed which add to the usability of the forum, I'm on it everyday to ensure it's uptime and functionality.

I just recently started using Myspace to advertise my website within my Myspace profile, plan on using Digg, Youtube and Facebook to help increase traffic.

Users satisfaction and user friendly features are my top priority.