Server Spec's (Good, Average, Not Good)


Aug 20, 2018
I've done some speed evaluations of my site (running XF 2.1)...and I'm getting some pretty disappointing feedback. Thought I would review my server specs first to see if the hardware could be the issue. I'm definitely not a hardware expert by any means.

I know there are a lot of things that go into the speed of a site. But just from a server hardware perspective...any opinions on these server specs (good, bad, or average).

* Shared Server
* CPU = Intel Xenon E3-1271 v3 @3.6GHz, 3800MHZ, 4 core, sockets: 1. I believe 8 cores total (4 real & 4 virtual).
* SSD drives
* 16 meg RAM



Migration Expert
Feb 20, 2007
In the vast majority of cases, server speed little to do with any of the scores given by online site speed testers (if that's what you're using to determine the site is disappointing). Usually the only factor a server contributes to the scores is time to first byte.

With Xenforo 2.x, 90% of the poor results in a speed test tend to be from third-party ads, analytics trackers, etc. Run with it's ad blocker turned on and you'll get a truer picture of performance scores.

That said, there's no reason the server you listed shouldn't handle a site with 10x the traffic you have now. :)