Security: Avoid piracy, fraud and fake sales!


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Jan 1, 2004
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Security: Avoid piracy, fraud and fake sales!

Be smart! Avoid piracy, fraud and fake sales!

We hope we got all the facts and info correct, however we are human and humans make mistakes. Feel free to inform us if there is a mistake. Also note, we are not responsible for any loss in sale, or anything else that may or may not occur as a result of this document.

I want to point out a few things to members who want to purchase and/or sell a vBulletin license. If you suspect a site/license is stolen, pirated, or fake please read the following tips, as it may be.

Buying a vBulletin License:

- A new one
If you wish to make a purchase of a vBulletin license, make sure you are really getting a valid license. How? You should purchase it only through the official web site(s) of Jelsoft ( and, they have a secure on-line payment system and it will give you official access to the member area where you will be allowed to download the most recent version of vBulletin which is available to the public. You can also purchase a license through an affiliate link listed on sites that are not official. Make sure this affiliate link is the real one (from Commission Junction ( Only by purchasing through these two methods are you guaranteed access to the member area and a non-pirated/stolen/fake license.

- Beware of fraudulent sales
Another option is to purchase a second-hand license; however, here is where the danger lies. There are always users that try to sell their license through their own web site or a third party web site. Be aware that these sales are often scams to steal your money. Always make sure you get all the details: The type of license (is it owned, or leased? there is a big difference), the date of purchase and expiration, and the license number. If you have an interest in buying a second-hand license, you can always contact and request them to verify that the license is valid.

- Buying secondhand? Think twice!
Jelsoft carries a policy with which a license owner may make a chargeback if they decide vBulletin is not for them. This means that if you buy a license from someone who recently purchased it, then they request a chargeback, your newly purchased license becomes invalid and this person gets his money back plus your money....

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Jan 6, 2004
reworded slightly

Another little pointer all boards that look like vbulletin and powered by Hololith, every single one of those boards are pirated.


Jul 30, 2006
Thanks for the info! I'll stick to buying from the company from now on :)


Jul 8, 2004
What would be the situation if someone was to buy a used licence and you requested that the ownershp details were changed to the new owner and VB failed to inform you that the licence was never valid for sale

but then tell you 6 months later inform you that the licence was never transferred from the original owner and you have no rights to the licence despite being able to produce a pay pal receipt

Would the new owner still have any claim on the licence ?

Pleae advise


Jun 15, 2011
thanks for sharing an information. it can help us now a days for there are many fakes that's scattered in our community.