Scribe Scout - connect with writers


Oct 6, 2005
Necessity is the mother of invention.

I got TIRED of searching tirelessly for quality writers for my website. I would spend HOURS going through blog after blog and emailing random blog owners, most of the time getting discarded as simple spam or junkmail, when in fact it was a legitimate job offer.

Finally I registered It's still in beta stage, so I am testing it out, debating if I should spend the 200$ for a quality job oard software, or if the forum will work for what I need.

The site is a place where webmasters can connect with writers. For either paid, or non paying positions. A place where writers can post their resumes and search out job postings from administrators, and where admins can post their job openings and browse resumes.

This isn't spam, I'm looking for honest feedback and support - I wholeheartedly believe in this project and think with the right set up, it could be hugely beneficial for both writers and admins.

I appreciate your thoughts.