Revenue: Use Bonuses And Gifts As Wildfire To Sell Anything


Nov 9, 2004
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Revenue: Use Bonuses And Gifts As Wildfire To Sell Anything

“Use Bonusses And Gifts As Wildfire To Sell Anything”

You must have seen those one-page websites, with only a salesletter on them. Then you have also seen the concept of giving freebies, gifts and bonusses. In this article I will tell you why they use them and, from my personal experience, how to use them.
As a famous Greek once said: ‘With great power comes a big responsibility’. I second that because in these gifts lays a very big hidden power. An oppertunity, or maybe secret, that the normal market does not even use yet. So why would you not be the first to use it?

Free gifts are used as incentives to join mailing lists or buying products. Though the only reason someone builds an opt-in list is because he or she wants to sell something. But almost no one will ever give you his e-mail adress, you have to trick them into giving it. When you offer something in return, wich is valuable enough in their eyes, they will give you the information you need. Therefor, always tell them about the value of the freebie. How much work you put into it, how much is costs, how it benefits them.

This little trick has worked for years and years. It is actually part of the human nature and therefor it will never fail if used right. People will always have prejudices, sometimes correct, sometimes incorrect. You have to prove your worth of signing up for a mailing list. Or you have to put much more goodies for a lower price. Your visitors always want to feel like they have bought the best, at the lowest price.

Though you have to tell your visitors that they really need these freebies, that they’re not worthless. Create a list of benefits, a quote of the value, and write a paragraph or two per freebie. Wether they are bonusses for customers, or goodies for those who gave you their e-mail, always please your (potential) customers.

Now as it is christmas time, or any other special day or period, give them a special holiday promotion. Offer more freebies to visitors, and especially give your customers some nice presents with their new sale. Maybe you do not even mention it at the sales page, but just surprise them. Every customer will be happy with an unexpected gift, and even tells his/her friends about it and so on. That’s good free advertising.

Though if you are shipping real products, try to offer special packaging, or even sending it as a gift to friends of them. Service is a really good thing, and will promote itself by your customers. And that is...

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