Revenue: Making a Business Site Successful


Feb 13, 2004
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Revenue: Making a Business Site Successful

Making a Business Site Successful

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There has never been a better time to launch a business web site than right now. The Internet is exploding, as more people have begun to use it regularly. According to Jim Daniels, editor of the Bizweb E-Gazette, new Internet sites have been popping up at the rate of one per minute. As it expands at this pace, it's clear that the Internet’s entanglement of words, pictures, sound, and motion is becoming more than just the most important new communication medium since television.

Many of the businesses now piling onto the Internet may totally misunderstand this new medium. They may end up losing millions of dollars and eventually decide it’s not living up to its hype. Other businesses may totally ignore the Internet. Their competitors, meanwhile, will use it as a tool to literally steal their customers away.

As business communication medium, a web site has the capacity to encompass the functions of marketing, advertising, research and providing corporate information. Initially, a business should focus on one or two of these key areas to determine how to establish its presence on the Internet.

For successful communication on the Internet, businesspeople should have customers come to them; customers come back to them; and an information exchange that leads to increased revenue. The Information Age has created new trends including 24-hour business days and economical access to businesses in over 130 countries populated by 20-30 million people. And, that market is growing at a rate of 30 percent per quarter for commercial use and at a rate of 25 percent a year for individual use. As a result of new technology, employees, customers and suppliers are beginning to expect improvements in quality, convenience, timeliness, variety and customization.

The first thing an entrepreneur should do to be successful on the Internet is target who will buy his product. He needs to find where these people go when they’re online? What do they do? What do they read? Can he reach them regularly and at a low cost?

There’s no point in trying to sell to a particular market if an entrepreneur can't easily identify them and reaching them is a costly endeavor. If his market is so specific that in order to reach just one customer he has to advertise to thousands of people who would never buy what he’s selling, then the Internet may not...

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