Revenue: Introduction to PayPal and vBulletin Paid Subscriptions System


Jan 17, 2004
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Revenue: Introduction to PayPal and vBulletin Paid Subscriptions System

Introduction to PayPal and vBulletin Paid Subscriptions System

You can use PayPal and vBulletin together to get the most out of your members and web site by setting up (for example) Donation links, Premium member subscriptions or pay them for contributing articles or other content, or allow users to pay you for services you offer on your site. This is why DanielP and I have decided to write out an introduction to PayPal and vBulletin paid subscriptions.


What is PayPal?

PayPal is an account-based on-line payment system that allows members to instantly send money to anyone with an email address. Recipients are notified by email that they have received a payment.

Because of numerous attempts to hack their system and/or trick the members into giving out their login information, PayPal is continuously trying to keep fraud at a minimum and provide the best security for it's users. But word of advise is in place to always be aware of fraudulant payment, emails and such. People are still encountering fraud these days so keep in mind the following if you want to protect your account:
  • Sign-up with your exact and full details (address, email, etc)
  • Never give out your personal or PayPal details to anyone
  • Change your password at a regular basis and make it hard to guess
  • Do not follow links received in emails or sites, they can be spoofed addresses
  • Be aware of possible fraudulant purchases
  • It might be wise to only accept payments from veryfied PayPal accounts
  • Read the announcements and security information on the PayPal site regularly
  • Check up on each payment received to make sure all details are correct
Note: All other security rules also apply.

Getting a PayPal account

Signing up for an account is easy and free, PayPal is available in about 45 countries which makes it a great 'internet' service for secure on-line payments. At sign-up time, you are presented with two types of accounts: Personal and Business account. Because this article is in relation to the vBulletin Paid Subscriptions System you might want to consider getting at least a Premium account. Of course you can always upgrade your Personal account to a Premier or Business account at any time.

You can sign up for free here:


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