Remove user titles W/ user ranks


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Apr 7, 2005
MMM submitted a new Article:

Remove user titles W/ user ranks

Have you ever wanted to add a rank in your vB forum software but found that when you did that the user title was redundant and said the same basic thing? It looks pretty silly on your forum doesn't it? We'll just remove the user title in the ACP and it should go away right? We'll not so fast... Unfortunately removing user titles is not a supported feature in vB, not even 3.6! But all is not lost. Read on and learn how you can accomplish this by adding a simple conditional.

1.) Log into your ACP and click on Styles and Templates > Style Manager.

2.) On the right hand side you'll now find the Style Manager. On the drop down list choose Edit Templates.

3.) Next click on Postbit Templates and choose the style that you use, either Postbit, or Postbit Legacy (or both).

In the code that is now in front of you locate:

<if condition="$post['usertitle']"><div class="smallfont">$post[usertitle]</div></if>
<if condition="$post['rank']"><div class="smallfont">$post[rank]</div></if>

And replace it with:

<if condition="$post['rank']">
	<div class="smallfont">$post[rank]</div>
<else />
	<if condition="$post['usertitle']">
		<div class="smallfont">$post[usertitle]</div>

4.) Click Save. Now whenever you use a ranking image the user title will not appear :)

You can also remove the user titles per usergroup. To learn how to do that please search for 'Remove user titles per usergroup' in the TAZ search engine. Thank you.

This code has been tested and shown to be compatible with vB 3.6 :tiphat:

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