Rating and Reviewing Showcased Sites


Chaotically Proportional
Jan 6, 2004
Did you know that you can rate and review the sites our members submit to our Showcase? These reviews provide essential feedback to the owners of these sites. Reviews can help forum admins focus on areas that they might not normally notice, or give them a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done.

The more often you rate and review other people's sites, the more likely it is that they will do the same for you.

To access the Rate & Review part of Showcase, navigate to a site you would like to review and scroll to the bottom. You will find the ability to give up to 5 stars to a site:-

After clicking the required star amount, an overlay will open with the review box:-

Pros and Cons are not a requirement (but do make the review look more eyecatching!) and can give emphasis on specific items you'd like the forum owner to think about. After typing in your review, click submit.

If this is the first review a site has received, a new Review tab will become available on the Showcase.


If you click this tab, you will see the reviews a Showcase has received.

(see pros and cons make it look pretty!)

Recent Reviews also show up in the sidebar on the main Showcase category page:-

When reviewing, be honest - if you don't think a site deserves 5 stars, don't give it them. But do leave constructive criticism (not insults) if you do feel that a site can do better.


May 18, 2017
Great ! but people just post normally on the forums and others review them without going through what all is mentioned above

Bhavesh Ramburn

Quantity Surveyor
Jan 19, 2006
Here is a list of criteria I'd consider when reviewing a website:
  1. Website
    1. Homepage review - what the site is about
    2. looks and feel - structure and layout
    3. Content
      1. use of white space
      2. readability
    4. Mobile Friendly
    5. Amp friendly
  2. Advance website review
    1. page speed score
    2. meta
    3. code cleanliness
    4. load time
  3. Conversion
    1. Contact information
    2. Clarity of USP or Offer
    3. CTA
  4. Perception
    1. The activity of the forum (is it worth posting here to get help?)
  5. SEO
    1. Number/quality of content
    2. Ad rank score based on Ahrefs or MOZ
    3. competition
  6. Paid Advertising
    1. PPC?
    2. Display (hard to review without review AdWords or Facebook account but something that could be done!)
  7. Social Media
    1. Engagement
    2. Accounts: Twitter, FB, etc...
If anyone wants me to do a review of their site with all these criteria, hit me up as I've got a premium ahref account so I can see your backlinks, etc...

I don't sell any service above, just doing it to teach others how to succeed online.