Aug 9, 2007
Hi Brian,

PB does not allow you to have backups of your forum or to migrate to any other forum script... your ProBoard forum is not really yours and neither are the posts and content you create on it. Most PB admins while they are with and stick PB, like it. But when they want to leave and migrate to something else... former PB admins tend to be bitter over the experience. The average PB admin doesn't know this until after they try to leave and use another forum script... so they either have to stick with PB, or give up all their community's post and start from scratch.

There are ways to capture a PB forum for importing into something else, but it is so much work and a pain in the you-know-what... that people don't bother or give up. Take a look around at all the other big players in the forum community... how many of them have PB converters to their forum script, none the last time I looked.

Another problem is PB's origins. PB is a heavily modified version of a very old version of the YaBB 1.x series... how that came to be and it's legitimacy has never been put to rest. No reason to go on about that issue.

PB has a reputation as a service for "newbie"/kid forum admins who don't know of any other forum scripts and need a free service; that it is very restrictive; and has questionable origins (doesn't matter whether any of that is true... but the reputation is still out there).

Hope that helps.
Very well said.

I could not of put it any better. ;)


Mar 23, 2007
Too true, i used Proboards a while ago when i was not a very experienced Admin. This has changed and i now look back and think how far behind Proboards is in reputation compared to software.