Proboards Question :


Jan 18, 2007
I can't send Mass PM's on my proboards forum.

Yeah I went to several proboards support forums. From my understanding this problem is most likely unusual and doesn't happen often. I have been searching on and off for over a year now , and asked all of the proboards administers that I know. Perhaps there is the slim chance someone on here might have had this problem once and can offer some advice.

At least that is what I am hoping for.

Since July 2006 my forum has been having problems with both PM All and Email All. When myself or another administrator clicks on the PM All button, we receive a "Bad Response From Server" message, and then learn that only a handful of people got the message, and only those whose user-name begins high up on the alphabet.

Our forum has been around for over a year , so we aren't exact new to the field of Proboards. But the feedback is much appreciated. Especially the opinions of other Proboards owners.

Thank you.



shiny happy pantless
Feb 20, 2006
Busy forum, you guys have, congrats.
Interesting that when you do send to all you only get a few that are sent, and starting off in alphabetical order.
Is it always the same number of pms that you are able to send out? Could there be a limit to the number of pms that can be mass sent, with proboards attempting to send out your number, while starting alphabetically, then stopping when it has reached it's limit?


EDIT: p.s. just found this link to a thread where they were told that with a certain version of probard, there is indeed a mass pm limit as answered by a member of Proboard. Could this be the problem?


Jul 18, 2007
I would just like to thank you guys for looking at this, since we were not getting any response from the proboards support over it.