Preparing your forum for launch


Dec 19, 2005
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Preparing your forum for launch

Setting up your first forum.​

After you have been a member, or even moderated a forum; you perhaps feel it necessary to get your own forum up and running, and create a community. Forums are a great way of meeting people, and talking to people as yourself. You can gain knowledge over the subject you choose, as it draws many different types of people in. Students to Professors join forums to share, and absorb opinions and factual information.

Once you have decided to create a forum, think what do I want this forum to be about, perhaps it is about a game, a band, or gardening, you have to choose one catagory, and idealistically only one. There are very few open topic forums, and the ones there are; are only successful because there is few of them. You simply will not pull members into joining this type of forum.

Lets get moving
First thing is first; have a look at other forums on the subject, and on others to see if you can “gain ideas” from their forums, say a particular category, or a nicely designed forum. Something like that. Get a piece of paper, and jot down all of your ideas for names, logos, and forum layout. Once you have done this a few times, you will have a really good idea where to begin.

Since starting a forum is often a precarious task, it is best not to waste any money financing a forum that will never get off the ground. Personally, I would use invisionfree hosting. They are a free forum hosting service, that allows you use of an invision power board V1.3 for nothing; in my opinion Invision Power Boards are the best. Easiest to use, looks the best, and gives a professional image. Here is invisionfree’s website: The reason why I recommend free hosting is that you can build a community at no cost, and spend as long as you like launching the board, not wasting money on servers, and buying forum software. First thing is first, click the “register link”, you need to think of a URL extension that will be suitable. Try and use abbreviations, for example: if you were to request the name of “The forum society” or something like that, use the URL Extention “TFS”, as it is shorter for members to remember before they bookmark your page.

The second thing to think of after creating your board is security. You have the first account, which is always an administrator account. Set the name to “Root Administrator”, and a password...

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Feb 4, 2008
Its a good article, just i'm wondering if there would be one already done, for hints wit this with a phpBB3 forum?


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Nov 28, 2007
Fantastic article!

Wow... 2 year gap? How did that happen, this is a really handy guide!


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Feb 20, 2006
I don't know how I missed this
Dang Hangy, this is great stuff