Post Exchanges: A Primer


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Dec 11, 2005
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Post Exchanges: A Primer

Love 'em or hate 'em, when it comes to seeing requests on TAZ, I never did enjoy having cups rattled in my face. Post exchanges and paid posting services have become quite the cottage industry, dogging the heels of forums in their growth and popularity. However, there are a number of useful points that anyone considering a post exchange or similar "mutual benefit activity" (links, registrations, articles, et al.) should keep in mind before asking for or agreeing to one.

A post exchange is a business arrangement. - From the very title of the request you make, it should be immediately clear what you're least in number. 5:5s, 10:10s, and even 15:15s can be considered "reasonable," but anything much over that, and you might as well join that other board full-time. You must establish a time frame for completion (all in one day, even for five, can hurt more than it helps, as it resembles spam). You should also stipulate what you consider a "post." None of this "That's s0 kewl, I totallie agr33!!!" Exchanged posts should also be designed to provoke further conversation without being inflammatory. Statements that end conversations are entirely unwelcome.

Post exchanges should occur between compatible boards. - Or at least among people with compatible tastes and interests. I would not, for instance, expect to be writing something useful and stimulating for a coder or gamer board, a pregnancy health tips forum, or a community dedicated to "white power." It is not that I couldn't invent something salable, but it would be rather obvious that my heart wasn't in it. Choose wisely, and inspect the board before you agree to provide it with content.

You should always demand quality. - Why settle for less? You may be doing it for free, and getting something in return, but if--upon checking that other forum--it's pretty obvious that the person you're engaging has nothing engaging to say, why do you want them polluting your board? If nothing else, if you solicit this sort of thing here, there should be a representative sample of his or her writing on TAZ. If this person cannot be bothered to spell or string together an intelligible thought, then what makes you think this talent will magically appear on your behalf?

Post exchanges are to reinvigorate, not replace, genuine activity. - As other TAZ...​

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