PLEASE READ:- Community Promotion Usage Rules

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Chaotically Proportional
Jan 6, 2004
People have been requesting a Promotion area on TAZ for a long time. As TAZ evolves and grows, we felt that now would be the right time to add a specific area for promotional topics.

Our Community Promotion forum is our way of helping you advertise your site but, as with anything, there needs to be rules in place. To that effect, you must be an active member of TAZ to make use of (and retain access to) the Community Promotion area.

Usage Rules

  1. TAZ is a family, work and guest-friendly site; that means you must not post a community that contains content of an illegal or pornographic nature.
  2. You can only post one thread per site. If you wish to update the information for the site, you can edit the first post (or ask a staff member to do it for you).
  3. When you submit a thread for Community Promotion, you must ensure it follows the supplied template. Failure to do this can result in your thread being removed. If your thread does not contain all relevant information, you may be asked to edit it.
  4. You can “bump” your thread once in a 24 hour period. Replying to feedback posted by other members does not count as “bumping”.
Not open for further replies.