phpBB 3.1.3 Release - Please Update


Jun 15, 2014
Greetings all,

We are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 3.1.3 "The Bertie Strikes Back". This version is a maintenance and security release of the 3.1.x branch which fixes one security issue, a number of bugs, and adds new events as entry points for extensions to modify phpBB's behaviour.

In 3.1.x we no longer consider it acceptable for administrators to have system access through the administration control panel. It was previously possible for an administrator on a forum to use the ImageMagick binary path setting to execute code on the server.

The full changelog is available in the changelog file within the docs folder contained in the release package. You can find the key highlights of this release on the wiki at and a list of all issues fixed on our tracker at

The packages can be downloaded from our downloads page.

The development team thanks everyone who contributed code to this release: brunoais, Jakub Senko, rxu, MasterShredder, Matt Friedman, Oliver Schramm, omniError, Kailey Truscott, PayBas, Crizzo, Gaëtan Muller, Prosk8er, Tobi Schäfer, Wolfsblvt, kochi, lavigor, n-aleha

If you have any questions or comments, we'll be happy to address them in the discussion topic.

- The phpBB Team

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