Out with the old in with the new



I have a couple servers I want to sell. These were taken offline in October 2003. They were all built in 2002.

Specs server 1:

4U Case (black)
Dual Intel P3 1ghz
1.5 Gig pc 133 Registered ECC memory
3 X Maxtor Atlas 10K SCSI
52x CD
Mylex 170 U160 SCSI Raid Controller
Tyan 2500 Motherboard - No SCSI on this model
Onboard ATI Video

The drives for this one are in an external u320 rated SCSI case. I can put the drives in the 4U case if you prefer. I have it this way so I could connect the drive box to other servers when it was maintenace time.

Asking $900 for this one.

Server 2 specs.

Dual Intel P3 Xeon 500Mhz 1 meg cache

4U Case (black)
1 Gig pc100 Registered ECC memory
1 x 36 Gig 10K IBM SCSI
CDRW 52x24x12x
Intel C440GX Motherboard
Onboard u2w SCSI
nVidea TNT 2 Model 64 Video
Has onboard Cirrus Logic video also.

Asking $450 for this one.

The first one was built from all new components bought through my suppliers. I took it offline when I upgraded to Dual Xeons. For the last 4 months its been sitting in the rack doing nothing.

The second was used as my db server and was replaced by a Quad P3 Xeon 500Mhz 2 meg cache box. Don't let the 500Mhz fool you. The large cache more than makes up for it. My db was over 2 gigs and that box never broke a sweat.
All components were new when built except for the motherboard which I bought used. I just wasn't going to spend the dollars that new P3 Xeon boards cost.

Prices are not set in stone. Shoot me an offer and we can talk.
I have references for buying and selling on Ebay.