Other ideas for displaying advertisements on a message forum.

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Dec 16, 2005
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Other ideas for displaying advertisements on a message forum.

We forum owners sell advertising on our communities in order to earn revenue. While a lot of free and paid modifications out there allow for plugin and show features, there still always seems to be more options and areas on the forum to show advertisements. In this article, I will point out a few areas on the forum to display advertisements in hopes that it can help you increase your forum income.

Sticky Advertisements
You can always sell sticky topics to advertisers. You should limit the amount of sticky topics that you sell so they don’t overwhelm a board but with the limiting aspect, you can usually sell them for a bit more than other advertising areas on the forum.

Newsletter Ads
Many experts in the forum industry suggest that forum owners create a newsletters and gain subscribers in order to keep traffic coming back to the forum. If you are successful in developing a well subscribed newsletter, many advertisers will pay you to add their text link and banner advertisements on newsletter issues. Text link advertisements seem to work the best because they will usually show for both HTML and plain text newsletter formats.

Corner Ads
You have seen those ads that are added to the top left or right hand portion of pages. You can use page peel ads but they tend to annoy non-advertisers more than they do well for advertisers. My suggestion to utilize these ads without so much annoyance to members is to just have a small corner ad that doesn’t “peel” the page.

You can add banners, buttons and text links to bars on the header or footer of your forum. You can also make the bar stay in view when a member scrolls up and down on the forum pages for better chances of them seeing and clicking on them. Be careful not to make the bars to large in height because it could block content and upset your normal traffic.

Sponsored Boards
This especially works with niche-based forums – host sponsored boards or discussion topics. The advertiser will pay you to create a board for discussing a certain topic. This could be useful during certain times of the year where events happen. For example, if you own a forum about web hosting and an advertiser pays you to create a board about the upcoming Hosting Convention. You can make a board to discuss the hosting convention, vendors and so on. The advertiser’s company and link can be included in the description and informing the members that they are sponsoring it.


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