<=)oQ Army Qo(=>


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Apr 11, 2008
What is the name of your forum/website?
:<=)oQ Army Qo(=>

Description of your forum's topic?: Off Topic/General

What is the URL?:https://q-army.com

Date of launch?:03/01/18

What software do you use for this forum?:Xenforo 2.x.x

Additional details about your forum you might want to add:
Back in 2007, this community was founded on ambition, and a little advertising on a gaming forum I was a regular on. It eventually grew to become quite active, with a very devoted user base, We even ended up having a competition for a mascot. Eventually, though, the community died down. Years later the original site shut down, I started it back up with it's own domain name and a new look.
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