Nine Things Not to do on your website


Jan 16, 2010
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Nine Things Not to do on your website

When it comes to forums and websites in general, some things just should not be done. They may be bad ideas, they may ruin your site’s reputation or they may drive away visitors. Either way, here are some things you should not do on your website if you want it to be even remotely successful.

1. Have advertisements mixed in with the text in an awkward way

Or having ads written into the site content in general. I’ve seen this on quite a older websites and it’s so painfully obviously they’re trying to sell you something that they may as well be quoting from a late night informercial. Have a sample:

Mario has been around for so long that he has been used for so many different game styles! Platformers, Online Bingo, racers, roulette, pinball machines, Spin Palace slots, Tetris style games, sport games, space games and many others.

And another…

If you enjoy playing video games, you may also be interested in playing online poker. If so, [name removed] offers independent reviews of…

As you can easily see, this is about as believable as a flying pink unicorn. Come off it, no one honestly thinks you wrote the above for any reason other than trying to get money from the gulliable people in society. It also has no real connection to your site’s topic and rather undermines your credibility as an expert in the niche.

What’s worse is that the kind of people who include stuff like the samples above in their site tend to shove them everywhere. This makes them look like a bunch of scam artists to be perfectly honest. Yet while I know they’re usually not (because the three sites I’ve seen stuff like the above on have been long established sites with a huge amount of unique content), ads like these do make them look like the kind of fly by night bandwagon hopping adsense obsessive mentioned in point three.

So don’t use these types of ads. They don’t fool anyone and make your site look shoddy and unprofessional.

On another note, here's a joke a site plagued by this kind of ad made about the above, because it's too memorable not to mock:

View attachment 6005

2. Not posting at all

No, you can't just succeed by doing nothing, 'build it and they'll come' hasn't worked for a long, long time.

If your forum isn't doing too well at the moment, then leaving it to rot for the next few months won't help anything. Seriously, 90% of forums I've seen with zero activity got that way because the staff stopped...

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