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Nov 14, 2004
Ever heard of MyBB? Its a forum software that is very similar to vBulletin and the software IPB. So your just learning of MyBB? Well its ok I remember first hearing MyBB.

Well to get started MyBB is a powerful and robust Bulletin Board software. Its one of the best i've seen so far. Hands down! But i'll make sure you think its the best when your done reading this.

This artical is going to explain what MyBB has to offer and what to change over to MyBB. It'll also tell how easy to use and how fun it is to learn the software and setting it up.

First you need to know that MyBB is free! Yes a software so close to vBulletin in every aspect but yet its free. I even had a hard time thinking this was real! Really I did truely.

Well you want to know about the MyBB community and support? Well I can tell ya some info on that. Why didnt you just ask? Well its support is great and the community is even greater!

I dont think any forum software can match that of MyBB. The feature richness and robust power is so hard to over match. It just simply is! Hands down no one can do it.

But well I am guessing you want a list of the features? Ya I know your reading this artical and you just cant wait till the list of featutes come up. You just keep waiting and waiting and waiting...

General Features List

* Unlimited Amounts of Members, Forums, Posts, and Threads
* FullText Search Engine (MySQL Versions 4 and over)
* Database Table Prefixes
* Customizable Administrator Control Panel
* Coded in PHP

Member Features

* Custom profiles and settings per user.
* Complete User Control Panel
* Completely customised profile fields, allowing the creation of more.
* Advanced Private Messaging system with tracking and multiple folders.

Posting Features

* Ability to attach multiple files per post.
* Thumbnail generation for attached images.
* Clickable smilies and MyCode
* Thread review in Full Reply
* Quick moderation operations for moderators.
* Email notification of new posts
* Creation of polls with multiple options per thread.

Thread Display Features

* Threaded or Linear Thread Viewing Modes
* View Printable Version of any thread.
* Subscribe to Threads
* Send Threads to Friends
* Quick Reply Box
* Report Posts to Moderators

Moderation Functions

* Customisable moderators and moderator permissions per forum.
* Extensive logging of all actions performed
* Open/Close/Stick/Unstick threads
* Move or Copy threads
* Delete selected posts from within threads
* Split and merge threads
* Merge selected posts together

And More..

* Who's Online List
* Fully Customizable F.A.Q.
* List of the Forum Moderation Staff
* Members List
* Forum Statistics Page

Administrative Features

* Choose a Different Color Scheme, or create your own!
* Personal Administrative Notepad
* Fully Customizable Board via Admin Options
* Add, Modify, or Delete your own Admin Options
* Make Global Announcements that show at the top of every forum, or whichever forum you specify.
* Add unlimited numbers of Forums
* Set different usergroup permissions for each forum
* Moderate Threads, Posts, and Attachments
* Add Your Own Smilies
* Add Your Own Post Icons
* Fully Customize your board with different themes or different colors
* Modify the look of your boards via the Template System
* Add users instantly
* Search through users
* Merge Users
* Mass Email Users
* Ban Users
* Add Custom Profile Fields
* Add more Usergroups
* Choose what your administrators can do
* Add custom user titles by certain conditions
* Prune Members
* Prune Threads
* Find Attachments
* Add attachment types
* Administrator and Moderator Logs
* Make Custom F.A.Q. Docs

* Run Database Maintenence
* Recount Forum Statistics

That feature list is huge! How could any Bulletin Board software match that? I dont know how and I dont think it is possible. Maybe in a few years but right now its just not possible!

I'd also like to tell you about the community of MyBB. Without the community MyBB would truely be nothing! It would have no mods or any skins at all. The community is the heat of MyBB.

Well I better get to the ending part. I hope this artical helps you make the switch from this or that to the power of MyBB! I have enjoyed making this and I hope my efforts dont go to waste.

MyBB - The Futute Of Bulletin Board Software

MyBB - Community/Support Forum
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